How will ecodesign and sustainable design add value to the brand?

That the impacts of corporate activities on the environment have become a global concern is no longer news to anyone. But have you ever stopped to think about how sustainable design can enhance or denigrate your brand?

The ecodesign concept is based on three basic principles, also known as “3Rs”, which are: reuse, recycling and reduction. These principles have as their main objective to meet the consumption needs of society, however, respecting the limits of environmental preservation.

To better understand how to apply each of them in your company and also how this change in attitude can add value to your brand, we created this post, which will explain exactly how it all works. Check out!

What does each principle of sustainable design mean?


The principle of reuse is what recommends the manufacture of replacement parts that can be reused, such as rechargeable batteries or returnable beverage containers.


Recycling is the best known principle of all, and it is very similar to reuse, but with the subtle difference that the material will be reused for a purpose other than that for which it was originally intended. As with aluminum cans and cardboard boxes.


The principle of reduction, on the other hand, concerns the choice of materials that require less natural resources in their manufacture, that are non-toxic, less polluting and easily renewable.

How does ecodesign add value to a brand?

The time when the consumer was only concerned with the benefits brought by a product to himself, no longer exists. It interferes in people’s purchase decision, when they understand that that item has harmed the environment or harmed other human beings. Just remember the boycotts of brands that used slave labor.

On the other side of that same coin, companies that are concerned about offering products that not only preserve the environment, but help to restore it, sell much more easily — and even at prices above those charged by companies that do not have this concern.

How to create sustainable design projects?

When creating and implementing ecodesign projects, it is very important to pay attention to some key points, such as the integration of the concept of sustainability in the organizational culture and, consequently, the involvement of the entire team in the commitment to the environment.

In this context, it is necessary to raise awareness about the need for savings and reuse of resources not only in the design of new products, but also in the daily life of the corporation, avoiding waste.

In addition, it is also very important to assess the origin of the resources that will be used both for the consumption of employees and in the production and maintenance processes of the company’s products.

As you can see, sustainable design is essential not only to maintain a brand’s good reputation, but, above all, to preserve the planet that we will leave for future generations.

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