EpGrupo + Grupo Criativo =


We believe in brands, products
and pleople connections.

It’s the EpGrupo + Grupo Criativo business unit that connects brands and industries in the development of products and characters, with public alignment and sales potential.

Design as a strategy in licensing of brands and characters.

People love brands, people love innovative products, people love relevant partnerships



Immer Homes Masterchef Kitchen.

Equipped kitchen for a better experience with space and equipment to be a Chef.

Adaptation of Immer kitchens to the compact space available, reflecting the full potential and design of a Masterchef kitchen and its attributes:
  • Herb garden: built-in on the bench with a gutter system and structure fixed to the wall
  • Woody and orange coating
  • Cabinets with rounded
  • finishes
  • Bench
  • Immer Coatings

Dino’s Cave.

The largest children’s trousseau chain in the south of Brazil was looking for changes and renewal through a new store model and character updates. We start with Dino himself, who has a brighter look and lively colors to live in his new home.


Next came the new characters, to keep Dino company, and different application scenarios for all the stores in the franchise.


This project won the 5th Bornancini Design Award, winning 1st place in the illustration category.


And it has an ABF Franchising seal on its business model.


Rubens Sant’Anna, a brazilian reference in trade, professor and speaker, created a course platform, Academia Rubens Sant’Anna, and it was up to Grupo Criativo to create levels and gamify the progress of “students”.


With that came the Trademan, a proposal to make the skills of the trade team tangible in heroes within the platform. Intuitive and motivating, the platform is gaining more followers every day.

Pet Trade
BR Foods.

In this project, we developed a very cute duo to help with the Hercosul App – Pet Trade. A very smart kitten and a sniffer dog capable of finding anything. Together they are the mascots that facilitate the interaction between customer and seller, transforming the user experience with the app more cheerful and closer.

Creative Process illustrations.

To reinforce the creative culture of the GC team, we created the MACRODESIGN method, which is supported by matrices and charts that present and explain various design tools and creative thinking. To make it more intuitive, each card has a characteristic illustration, which helps to turn ideas into business.


Clarice is the virtual assistant of the AND APP that accompanies the IOT-Mise scale. A charismatic character who is present throughout the recipes step by step, helping the user to make their time in the kitchen easier.

Licensing Con Brand

The redesign of Licensing Con logo came together with the renewal of the EpGrupo brand, the company that organizes the event. The idea of the project was to create a main brand with a timeless typography for the word Licensing, which together had a customizable element per edition of each year, the CON, which in the emptiness of its shapes, resembles the Brazilian flag. From this typography, we developed a whole personalized alphabet, to be used in communication materials.

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