Our expertise.

Empathy with customers with eyes and ears in the market. Changes must encompass: people, processes and consistent deliverables.

Creative: innovation method and processes

Our area of ​​processes and innovation based on our proprietary method: Macrodesign.

We implement processes within companies at the root of culture, creating transformation and continuity in innovation actions.

Inspired: change through people

Every transformation starts with people and from the inside out. We call this process Endodesign, which acts on the mindset and awareness of internal teams, taking the objectives of the board of directors to the entire company. We do not create its purpose, but we leverage what is already there.

Makers: strategy, tactics and operation

Planning is important, but executing the plan is even more important. We carry out actions in different areas of design in an integrated manner for industry, retail and services.

Our deliveries.

“They can copy your product, but they can’t copy your strategy.”

Strategy is what is not seen, it guides all the work and all the actions, within the planning. Design is allied in defining this work strategy for brands, products and services based on research and goals.

  • Market analysis, behavior and trends
  • Macro Trend Analysis
  • Construction of work plan
  • Business modeling for new and existing markets
  • Team Integration and Planning Workshop

The service permeates the entire user experience and satisfaction, they are interrelated actions designed in a complete and holistic way.

Service design addresses the customer’s entire journey through the business, their interactions with the people involved in the service, processes, infrastructure, communication and multiple touch points, generating satisfaction.

  • Consumption journey map
  • Actors Map
  • Definition of target audience and construction of personas
  • Improvement of touch points
  • Journey redesign
  • Development of service-related solutions
  • UX and UI for websites and apps
  • Mindset change workshop – innovation

Product design is the delivery of an entire virtuous value chain. It is a system that integrates: product + related services + user experience.

When behavior changes, the product changes. We need to be more responsible, sustainable, lasting, connected, relevant and, in the end, create desire.

  • Product design and digital products
  • Products with embedded technology – IOT
  • Definition of collections, colors, materials and finishes
  • Portfolio management – mix input and output
  • Packaging design
  • UX and UI for product interfaces
  • Workshops

Branding is more than creation, it is the Strategy and constant management of the brand and its environment.

Construction of the brand atmosphere and its entire area of ​​influence in the corporation and macroenvironment, based on the company’s strategic guidelines and analysis of market movements.

  • Communication strategies
  • Penetration and diversification strategy
  • Brand identity and visual identity
  • Catalogs and Magazines
  • Packaging
  • Brand manuals
  • Trend and brand books
  • Posture on social networks
  • UX and UI for websites and apps
  • Workshops

Allied to Trademarketing strategies, we go beyond the display and POS material.

Trade design is an exclusive service of Grupo Criativo responsible for aligning trade, promotion and sales strategy through the perfect positioning and highlighting of the product, influencing the shopper’s purchase decision.

  • Strategy for POS Conversion Improvement
  • Shopping journey
  • Product Decision Tree
  • Displays
  • Promotional stuff
  • Shopper profile
  • Sales channel x shopper analysis
  • Strategies for insertion into new channels
  • UX and UI for websites and apps
  • Workshops

Architecture and design together to build memorable and ephemeral environments.

Design of spaces to improve the way we live, consume and produce based on the perfect relationship between the environment and social, economic and cultural factors.

  • Commercial architecture projects for franchises
  • Corporate Space Projects
  • Stand project
  • Signaling and wayfinding
  • Retail Service Design
  • Consumer journey analysis
  • Sales force training and retail service
  • Preparation of omnichannel retail environment
  • Workshops

People love brands, people love innovative products, people love excellent services.

We do it.