We are not actors, we are directors, managers and we see things that others do not see.

Over 11 years changing the world through design.

We know that the world changes and that we all change along with it. Here the designer is the catalyst for changes, both for Stakeholders and Shareholders.
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Our expertise.

Empathy with customers with eyes and ears in the market. Changes must encompass: people, processes and consistent deliverables.

Our area of ​​processes and innovation based on our proprietary method. We implement processes within companies at the root of culture, creating transformation and continuity in innovation actions.

Every transformation starts with people. Endodesign is our area that operates in the mindset and awareness of internal teams, taking the company’s goals to the entire company, through design processes.

Planning is important, but executing the plan is even more so. We carry out actions in different areas of design in an integrated way for brands, products and services.


It’s our method.

A systemic view, based on information, creativity, data crossing, immersion and fieldwork.


Here we don’t call it an account. We call by name.

Design as a strategic tool

This partnership worked because the CG acts in a broad and multidisciplinary way, looking at design as a strategic tool for competitiveness.

Mariana Stangherlin
Administrative manager, AND

Assertive and awarded work

The work carried out was very assertive, proof of which was the winning of the national award at ABRE 2017, with the humors dos cups and takeway campaign.

Rafael Bertagnolli
General Director, Baristo

Customer engagement

They are very engaged with the customer and despite having many customers, they seem to be always thinking about us.

Fabiana Estrela
Director, Caverna do Dino


A recognized and awarded team in different areas: products, brands, packaging, architecture, POS and services. One stop shop.

Business designers.

Empathy with customers with eyes and ears in the market. Our hierarchy is informational, we trust each other and we know what is important to each customer.

Rodrigo Leme

Strategy Director

Juliano Gheno

Operation Director

Mônica Casarotto

Customer experience

Marlon Roth

Graphic Design

Arthur Felice

Product Design

Bibiana Britto

Strategic Design

Joana Machado

Graphic Design

Isadora Valerim

Product Design

Júlia Achutti

Graphic Design

Amanda Santos

Community Manager

Monique Pereira



We form alliances throughout Brazil, spreading our culture and collaborating to expand knowledge of business and design.

Meet our partners.