Brand management: what can we expect from the future of branding?

Like any other area of ​​knowledge, branding is also influenced by technological advances. The digital transformation is also having consequences for the management of brands and the way they create relationships with their customers.

An example of this is e-branding. It is through it that brands structure their digital presence and plan how they will relate to their customers on the internet. It is an important part of digital marketing, which just like traditional branding for the offline medium, determines how a brand is perceived in the online environment.

However, the branding evolutions brought about by the innovative technologies present in the digital transformation do not stop there. Other methods and techniques linked to brand management are emerging as a trend for the very near future. Get to know them!

Debranding focused on product quality

Debranding goes against everything we’ve learned about the added status of a product or service through a well-positioned brand. Rather, debranding is about quality overriding status in generating customer value.

This does not mean giving up a visual identity, a voice, a positioning or other items that are part of brand management, but adding to all this the relevance that a brand has for people. For example, what customer problems does it solve or how do they make their customers’ lives better?

This concept goes hand in hand with technological trends, such as the use of Big Data to extract insights that reveal the needs that need to be met by a given audience, according to the behavior mapped.

Place branding based on locations

Place branding is a process influenced by the daily lives of people who live in a given place. He seeks to understand what is unique about a place, and transforms this essence into the brand’s differential.

Neighborhoods, cities, states and even entire countries can benefit from the concept of place branding to understand their vocation and better explore their sources of wealth, in addition to delivering a unique experience to people who visit or live in them.

Brand management with a focus on people

It is already possible to think about brands that live inside people. Such as the Swedish company “Epicenter”, which implanted chips in its employees to allow the use of equipment, opening doors, access control and other functions that personalize the employee’s experience within the institution.

Customization and personalized service have become the main trends in the consumer market. The more a brand can bring to its consumer a product or experience designed exclusively for them, the closer it will be to success.

Once again, technological advances are the main allies in this mission, since, in this context, the use of resources such as artificial intelligence to learn about the needs of each customer is an essential help.

The best way to prepare for this new form of brand management is to invest in technologies that allow for a closer relationship with the customer, capable of generating insights so that the consumer is part of the creation of products, services and the positioning of a brand. In conclusion: the branding of the future is done with the participation of the consumer.

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